On The Road Again

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We have been on the road since the beginning of February and have covered a lot of territory….. From Pennsylvania to North and South Carolina to Indiana, and on to Minnesota!  I do have to say that we don’t mind missing out on the last few weeks of winter in NH.  There has been lots of rain during our travels but the 60-70 degree temperatures have been great! (Thanks to Amy’s Dad for taking care of things at home while we are away)

It has been great making new friends and reconnecting with old ones, but one of the highlights of our trip  has been attending our Nephews graduation from Paris Island, SC.  Congratulations Marine Sam Peront!  God has been so faithful to his family and we couldn’t be more proud of him.

God has been working in amazing ways!  Remember the $3 that a little boy gave us for our vehicle?  We are now over 50% in just one month!  It won’t be long before God has turned a child’s $3 into $30,000!

Onthatile has recently received a large enough donation to start building the first home!  Dan is trying to be involved with the building process, but it is hard when he is half a world away……. Please pray that the last 30% of our support will come in soon so that we can be in South Africa for June.  Once the final approvals are received, building can begin!

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