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Why Do I Serve Orphans?

Posted by Dan on  August 1, 2016
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So, why give my life to serving orphans? Because I believe that God has a soft spot in His heart for orphans. Wow, that was the easiest, shortest blog I’ve ever written!  I see you still have a full cup of coffee beside you, so let’s unpack this question for a minute. Where do I come up with the idea that God has a soft spot in His heart for orphans? Well, where do we learn

Love Isn’t Work

Posted by Dan on  July 10, 2016
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I remember doing something very special for my mother on Mother’s Day back when I was about 8 or 10 years old. We lived in the city so we did not have a lot of room for a flower garden, but my mother loved flowers. My Father decided we would take the little patch of dirt that we had in front of the house and make a flower garden for Mother’s Day. All I remember

Moving Again

Posted by Dan on  June 25, 2016
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I found myself sitting at the kitchen bar with my children the other day, and as I was contemplating our 6th and 7th moves in the last 5 years I decided that I wanted to be the responsible adult and help my children find joy through our trials. With excitement in my voice I asked them, “are you excited to move to Dublin for the summer?” This question was met with an array of funny