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Peronts to South Africa

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2 days ago

Excited to be worshipping at Hillfest while launching our NEW ministry, Lukiwe Family Services.
If your at Hillfest, come see us!
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Acceptable sacrifice.
Did you all know that in the foster and adopt world there is a thin line between acceptable sacrifice and unacceptable crazy?
It’s the difference between “I’m adopting a baby” and “I’m adopting a special needs teen from an institution”.
Or “We are fostering” and “We just took in a sibling group of 5”.
You see there’s this perception that a certain level of sacrifice is good, but be careful you don’t tip into crazy-lady-with-ten-kids-driving-a-bus-and-homeschooling. And what was once applauded is now receiving the sideways glance and whispered comments.
I had a fellow foster mom message today who was “counseled” that she should not continue down the path of adoption. She already has too many kids and she’s sacrificed enough. So, I’ve thought a bit about this thing called sacrifice.
Sacrifice is the act of giving up something that you want to keep in order to do something else or to help someone.
Because of foster care and adoption, I will never see the world the same again. When you open your life to “sacrifice”, you open your eyes to deep pain and hurt. Adoption and foster care will cost you, it will extract a price. It will take away the ability to carefully measure and weigh acceptable sacrifice in the face of hurting and voiceless children. You will have given up the very comfortable life you thought you wanted, and exchanged it for something you find more acceptable. And what becomes unacceptable is the ability to turn away from hard things and brokenness. Instead you will find yourself running headlong into what appears crazy and foolish.
It’s scary and exhilarating and there’s freedom because you’ve tipped past the point of human accolades and acceptable sacrifice. And you will understand that truly your life does not make sense. Your finances do not add up and day to day living should be impossible. And the only answer is found in Him.
I wish to be an “I” no longer. I reject my “I.” My desire is to be a “He.” “When He is revealed, we shall be like Him”
(1 John 3:2) - Wurmbrand

Words by @Stacey Jackson Gagnon - co-founder of Lost Sparrows.
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